Texas is a Sh*thole Country

I’m just gonna say it: Texas is a shithole country. It’s time to admit it.

Texas has the worst electrical grid in America, as evidenced in the winter of 2021 when as many as 700 Texans froze to death. In the most advanced country in the world, Texas couldn’t keep the power going when they needed it the most.

Texas has the worst election laws, designed to enable mid-to-upper class white Republicans to vote and to deter/prevent everybody else from voting. And apparently, Texas has the worst voters because they keep electing dickhead politicians. (Ted Cruz?? Again?? Really?? Coulda had Beto…) NOTE: Apologies and condolences to Texas Democrats.

Texas has the worst abortion laws. You really can’t get an abortion in Texas unless you’re psychic and know you’re pregnant before six weeks have passed. (Hey guys, that’s ONE menstrual cycle–if you’re regular. And one missed menstrual cycle doesn’t necessarily mean you’re pregnant.) And it doesn’t matter if your daddy or your rapist got you pregnant–the state of Texas will still control your female body. Bring back the days when women died from unsafe abortions, or from pregnancies they couldn’t physically survive!

And now, Texas also has the worst gun control laws. In a legalized throwback about 150 years to the Wild West, anyone can now buy, carry, and fire a gun in the state of Texas, with no license or background check. They can probably shoot anyone they want, too, as long as it isn’t a white man. In essence, Texas has no gun control. The guns are out of control there.

Perhaps it’s time for Texas to truly secede from the United States of America. and become its very own shithole country. We could build a big wall to keep all Texans out of the USA. Because we really don’t want that kind of crap here.

Note to all Democrat Texans: GTFO of there while you still can!

Note to everyone not in Texas: Get a clue from Louise (Thelma & Louise) and stay the fuck out of Texas! It’s really not safe there!

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