Boys Will Be Assholes

It’s been quite a week for the patriarchy. Let’s recount what’s been happening:

  1. Actor James Franco – In another episode of “boys will be boys” actor James Franco paid $2.2 million dollars to settle a sexual misconduct suit. Franco was charging $300 a week for an acting class, where he encouraged women to get naked and have sex. Nice scam if you can get away with it. Franco didn’t, only because two women were brave enough to speak out.
  2. Trevor Bauer benched – Los Angeles Dodgers place their ace pitcher Trevor Bauer on “administrative leave” after a woman accuses him of sexual assault (although she admits to consensual sex, not assault–the details are graphic and violent). Bauer had been slated to be the starting pitcher at the team’s July 4th game; only after serious blowback did the team agree to bench Bauer.
  3. Washington Football Team – The team formerly known as the Washington Redskins, who have yet to settle on a new name or reputation, was fined $10 million dollars by the NFL for having a hostile work culture towards women, for the last decade.
  4. Boy Scouts of America – “The Boy Scouts of America has reached an $850 million settlement with more than 60,000 men who sued the iconic institution over alleged¬†sexual abuse by adults in scouting over several decades.” Really, it makes me sick to say anything else about this.
  5. Bill Cosby released from prison – And in the final kick in the crotch, comedian Bill Cosby, serving time in prison for drugging and raping dozens of women, was released from prison on a technicality, his record wiped clean, and a ruling says he cannot be tried again for the crimes. Because who cares what happens to women, right?
  6. Catholic church kills more people – The crimes go on for this cult. This week? Hundreds of unmarked graves are discovered in Canada at indigenous schools run by the church. Sick, sick, sick stuff. Don’t ever say another fucking word to me about “pro-life” bullshit.

I’m so tired of this cruel hateful world. While I guess it’s good that this stuff is being called out and punished as actually being, you know, wrong…I wonder how much of this stuff is still going on, not getting caught. And why does anyone think it’s ok to do this kind of stuff? WHY? Why can’t people just do the right thing, the kind thing, the decent thing? Clearly, religion and education and human decency have all failed.

And I’m just sick of it all.

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