The energetic staff of ALBW are already planning for ALBW 2023, which is a lovely thought but I don’t know if I will go. If I’ve learned anything in the last two years, it’s that you really don’t ever know what is coming around the bend. We shall see what happens…I’d love to return to Halifax someday.

Here are the favorite highlights of my second pilgrimage to Halifax, selected from an extremely long list of choices (in chronological order only):

Highlight #1: Anne Lister Diary Exhibit at the Archives

Highlight #2: Laying of flowers at Anne Lister Statue on her birthday

Highlight #3: Code Breakers Show and Tell

Highlight #4: Anne Lister Film Festival

Highlight #5: Anne Lister Organ Sonata and “Her Ensemble” Concert

Highlight#6: Anne Lister Society Inaugural Meeting

Highlight #7: Gentleman Jack, Season 2, Episode 1 on BBC One

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