If it was possible to die of loneliness, I would have died a thousand times since coming to California. Luckily for me, it’s not possible.

People in California are nice, but they are not particularly friendly. I thought Southern hospitality was just a myth before I left the south but now I know it’s true–Southerners act much nicer and friendlier, even if we don’t really mean it all the time. It’s called kindness and courtesy.

I am appalled at the way the people in my office here speak to each other. In Atlanta, you would be reprimanded by management if you treated each other so disrespectfully. If you continued to do it after being reprimanded, you would be let go. The reason would be “failure to work well with others” or “insubordination.” Here it is just the norm. I am appalled and I don’t know if I can function in this kind of environment.

Someone just told me (someone from Houston who now lives in SF) that Californians suffer from “ESE” or “enhanced sense of entitlement.” It’s true, whenever I go to the Berkeley Target I feel like I am surrounded by a generation of screaming, little spoiled brats.

California crazy….California cool….I’m learning what these things really mean. Sometimes it’s not so nice.

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