Shasta is Here!

It was a hard decision to make, but Madie and I decided it was best if Shasta came to live in SF with me. I was really afraid to have her fly from ATL to SF on a commercial airline…it’s hard enough on a human in coach! But when I heard about Pet Airways, I decided it might be okay. They fly pets only in a small corporate jet. It’s not really fancy, but they do pay attention to the animals and take care of them on the trip, or so I think. It cost a fortune. I’m embarrassed to say how much, but it was worth it to get her here safely.

Pet Airways jet landing at Hawthorne Airport in LA.

They don’t fly into SF, although I can’t imagine why. This is pet capital, USA. Their website says they are planning to come to SF soon, but it has been saying that for a long time. They don’t have a lot of destinations yet, but they do fly from ATL to LA, landing at Hawthorne municipal airport, near LAX. I got to see the plane, land and taxi right up to the Pet Airways hanger. Then I watched as they unboarded the pets:

Shasta was pretty freaked out and anxious, but she was clean, healthy, and seemed none the worse for wear. She was so HAPPY to be off that plane, like anyone who has ever flown cross country can appreciate:

Then I threw her in the car and drove 7 hours back to SF. Poor doggie is so disoriented (and jet lagged) but she is adjusting quickly and I think she will like it here. She better, because she is here now!!

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