Shasta on the dock of the bay

Today was one of the loveliest days weather-wise that I’ve seen in San Francisco. 70, sunny, and not too much fog. I piled Shasta into the car and we drove the 2 miles to the bay at the end of our street. She had never seen the bay before. I parked at the Marina Green — it is one of my favorite things to do in SF. It always makes me happy to see the boats…

Shasta wasn’t crazy about the beach or the sand, but she loved running leash-free in Chrissy field. (After all, she is a herding dog at heart, not a water dog. She looked so beautiful running free in that big green space with the wind blowing her hair!) Then we took a stroll on the dock. It was SO MUCH fun to see her reaction to everything — the water, the boats, the seagulls, the other dogs running in the surf (even though she wouldn’t get her paws wet). She is a happy dog here.

Shasta on the dock of the bay

After a fun day romping at Marina Green

Alcatraz on the left, Fort Mason on the right

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