Fleet Week

Fleet Week Air Show 2011 – San Francisco

I had never heard of Fleet Week before I moved to SF, but it is a big deal here. The first week in October (typically the most beautiful time of year in SF), several Navy ships dock in the ports here and the town is flooded with service men and women on leave for the week. Also, they put on a phenomenal air show over the bay.

NOTE: If you are planning a trip to SF, Fleet Week is the time to come. Plan in advance, and get a hotel room on Fisherman’s Wharf, just walking distance from all the Fleet Week activities.

So for several days this week, the Blue Angels, the Canadian Snow Birds, and other miscellaneous aircraft spent the afternoons practicing in the area. Now let me be clear: for HOURS each afternoon, the windows in buildings rattled and all sound was drowned out as these majestic aircraft zoomed overhead, again and again. Shasta was terrified. I was mesmerized. After the first day of running to the window each time I heard an approaching roar, I just went over to the park at the top of the hill and set up camp, with many other neighbors, to enjoy the free show.

The pilots claim to love this event because they get to fly directly over the Golden Gate Bridge and around the Bay, which is usually a restricted fly zone for this type of aircraft (including a Boeing 747). Yes, I got to talk to some of the pilots. Part of the air show is choreographed to AWESOME LOUD music which is blasted over the audience at Marina Green. During the show the audio is linked to the pilot’s com system as they actually fly over and the pilot can talk to the audience. Such a thrill! You can hear the excitement in the pilot’s voice as he describes what he is seeing and sends out greetings to friends and family in the audience.

Again, a free event in SF. Another reason why I moved here…

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