Destination: Shawnee, OK

Jan. 18, 2011

Today I drove throught TN, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. I am seeing places I have never seen before. I travelled 450 miles in perfect driving conditions – overcast, 50 degrees, no wind or rain. Straight down I-40W for 425 miles. Thank god for XM radio and cruise control!

So far, the landscape all looks like GA- nothing new or interesting. After all, it’s all just America.

Tonight I treated myself. My ex kept insisting I should eat, eat, eat. And she was always telling me what I should eat. Food was her #1 priority after work. (I was always at the bottom of her list, along with the dog.) I realized that, in revolt, I haven’t really eaten anything so far on this trip. So tonight, before I came to the hotel, I went to a Quik Mart and bought two Miller Lites and a bag of potato chips. That was my dinner! It was divine! My ex NEVER would have allowed it. It was so wonderful.

I love hotels and airports, something I discovered in my relationship with my ex, who travels for her business. She is an expert road warrior and I know all about travel as a result. Now, I am having the time of my life, my greatest adventure. I can’t believe how I just disappeared, never said goodbye to anyone (except my best friend, Toni).

The trip is going well so far. Perfectly. I did a very good job at pain management today (for hip problems) and expect to sleep well again tonight.

Hotel Review: Hampton Inn, Shawnee, OK

A very nice hotel, much nicer than Memphis. Lovely indoor pool made me wish I had brought my swimsuit. Note to self: always bring your swimsuit on a cross-country trip. The clerk was warm and friendly, an obviously effeminate gay African American! Quite a shock in this cowboy town. All the other locals I have seen were rough ranchers with cowboy boots, cowboy hats, and real Levis, many from native American Indian descent. What a thrill to meet a member of my tribe, and we recognized each other. Later in the evening he called my room just to check on me and see if everything was ok. The room was nice, on the first floor, directly next door to the adequate fitness center (which I used), and it had a working fridge and microwave. Bed and pillows were adequate, but the linens (sheets, bedspread) were a bit old. Television reception wasn’t very clear, and there was no MSNBC! Breakfast not as nice as Memphis, so all I had was yogurt and fruit.

Grade: B+

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