Notes from Shasta (via Maya)

As a resident of San Francisco who now commutes up to 4 hours a day, I have been forced to do something I NEVER thought I would do — HIRE A DOG WALKER! It’s just too much to ask Shasta to hold it for over 12 hours a day, not to mention be locked up in the apartment alone for that long. Luckily I have found someone in my apartment building who makes her living walking the animals of the poor suckers who go to work every day. This is a booming business here when 80% of the city population works and owns a dog! Some dog walkers charge as much as $28 a day! Luckily, Maya, my super creative treasure, only charges $10…and she LOVES Shasta. So much so that Shasta (with Maya’s help) has taken to sending me daily emails to describe her day. With Maya’s kind permission, I am publishing these delightful emails in full. Read on…

Shasta Salutation!

Jan. 3, 2012

Hiya, Pam!

Not sure whether you’ll be checking e-mail today on your first day at a new job, but I got Maya to just send off this quick HOWDY!

I hope your day is going great. I just got back from a splendid stroll to Alta Plaza park… see photo below!

Pooped and peed to Maya’s delight, and will now snooze until you get home.

Canine with Convertible

Jan. 5, 2012

Not that you’re going to get an e-mail EVERY day, but perhaps the first week at a new job needs comfort or distraction…

Yesterday you mentioned “slaving away” while I’m home snoozing – that means you’re earning money, right?

I found something we might get to enjoy trips along the California coast on Highway 1… see photo below.

I look pretty good just standing next to this yellow sports car convertible – imagine my ruffling fur when the top’s down!!

It’s a Honda which Maya says is a totally sensible and gas-efficient car.

She liked the car too, but seemed more excited about the dump I took in front of the Thai restaurant… strange lady she is.

Pooch & “Painted Ladies”

Jan. 6, 2012

No signs of sickness as Shasta and I sauntered up to Alamo Square just now…

We enjoyed playing tourists, snapping a photo of the famous postcard view, with a priceless foreground, of course!

She had a good, solid bowel movement and a hearty appetite too.

The food bowl was empty when I arrived; I refilled it with about one cup of food.

Hope your first week at the new job was everything you hoped for – and you’re ready to return for Week #2.

Have a great weekend, Pam and pooch!

Hound with House

Jan. 9, 2012

Maya tells me this week’s photo theme will be houses.

Here I’m being pensive after a brief stair workout at a local House of Dog (I think that’s what Maya called it…). (NOTE from editor: This is actually the Catholic church across the street– the “house of god!”)

Hope your second week at the grindstone is going well?!?

Pooch and Pomp

Jan. 10, 2012

Maya says thanks for your compliment on the photos.

As it comes from the creator of the black & whites in our living room, she appreciates it even more.

Of course, my thoughts are that you can’t go wrong using me as foreground!

Today’s photo is of a nice little home we walked past on Scott Street today; too much house, too little dog, me thinks, but oh well…

Pooch and Pink

Jan. 11, 2012

This is on the NON-“Painted Ladies” side of Alamo Square! Do I look pretty in pink or what??!!

Great sauntering for about an hour (and two bowel movements to Maya’s delight…) .

Will definitely be snoozing until your return home…

Pooch and Purple

Jan. 12, 2012

We walked past this purple palace on Steiner yesterday.

Today I found out that I weigh just shy of 48 lbs. or 22 kg. at the lobby scale of Pets Unlimited shelter/hospital on Fillmore.

They have free treats at the front desk, so intrepid volunteer Maya took me past there for treat quality control!

Pooch with Planetary Palace

Jan. 13, 2012

Merry Friday the 13th, Pam! And Happy Weekend!!

Here’s the final architechtural photo of the week – from the neighborhood around Alamo Square.

Note the hand cupping planet Earth in it…

Many thanks for the envelope with payment – as I did not have change, you have a $10 credit, if Shasta continues to join me for walks.

I also left a little gift of appreciation on your kitchen/living room bar counter.

My dog Kelsy recommends it to pass the time… and she’s not much of a chew toy pup at all. She loves her green Dog Saver.

If you haven’t been to Pet Food Express at Presidio and California, I recommend it as a nice field trip and canine adventure.

Great self-serve pet wash, locally owned Pets Mart-like franchise, and a wonderful supporter of shelter and rescue groups…

We went up to Alta Plaza park today (what a glorious day for being out and about!)

Your fine dog is a lovely companion on a leisurely promenade and very mannerly to boot.

We were assailed by a pack/pod/congregation/exaltation/mob of Westie-type terriers and Shasta was kind, patient and tolerant to all.

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