Goodbye, Yahoo

I just deleted my Yahoo account. I’ve had the account for over 10 years, since the time when having a  Yahoo email account was the only way to get your email away from home, which was such a neat concept! I had a personal My.Yahoo home page with maps, sports scores, news, calendars, and stocks on it.  I looked at it 20 times a day. And for years, I have diligently stuck with Yahoo Instant Messenger.

But recently, Yahoo has been falling behind the times. I switched to gmail a while back just for the spam filter and discovered a whole new world of Google. That was nice, but I was sticking with my good old Yahoo account and home page.

And then something weird started to happen.

People started to tell me that when they had me listed on their instant messenger, posts that I was making other places on the web would show up. In Instant Messenger!

Then whenever I would be viewing a news story, a teeny tiny notice would show up in the corner saying that there were adding this to my “activity” on Facebook for all the world to see. I had to actually opt out EVERY TIME to keep this from happening….

Finally, I took the time to investigate and saw every Yahoo news story I had ever clicked on (accidentally or otherwise) listed in my public “activity.” Whoa.

I dug a little deeper into the vague and amorphous Yahoo Privacy documentation, and after reading it several times, I think it said I could keep my activity private, but somehow people would always be able to see what I was doing on the internet…I think that’s what it said. I couldn’t figure it out.


So I just spent 5 minutes deleting my account. Ironically, you have to Google “delete Yahoo Account” to do it because it sure isn’t listed in Yahoo! And it wasn’t easy. Had to enter my password 3 separate times, each time deciphering the security code at the bottom of the page.

Yuck. Too bad tho. I liked my Yahoo home page. Now I have to create my Google home page. Until the next Internet monopoly takeover.


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