The Daily Bart

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Welcome to the Daily Bart. If you’re lucky enough to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’re well acquainted with Bart. We love it and we hate it, but we use it–some of us rarely as an adventurous way to get to the airport, and some of us daily as the only way to get to work. I’m one of the latter, riding Bart ten hours a week as my primary transportation. And every time I ride, I come away with fascinating stories about my fellow riders, the wide-range of general public that partake of mass transit.

I’ve decided to share some of those stories in this blog. Enjoy!

Bart Facts:

  • Original costs – 1962, $1,619,000,000
  • FY13 operating budget – $672 million
  • Average weekday ridership of 366,565


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