San Diego, CA

Jan. 23, 2011

Craig gave me a grand tour of San Diego today, ending with a mind blowing hike on a nude beach! One of the best days of my entire life!! It is so comfortable to be here with them. I have talked and talked and talked and I am gaining some understanding of what happened between my ex and I, what lead to the break up. I am also having a chance to finally consider what my future might hold now. I am giddy with the opportunities, and I tell Craig that I might like to meet a younger woman and have a child. I have never voiced this desire, never allowed myself to consider this option, but now, after traveling cross country by myself, anything seems possible!

After two days here, I am ready to move on. San Francisco still beckons. But I now know that this is a place I cold come back to and settle down, if SF proves too hard. There is much to see and do here and it is absolutely beautiful. Plus I have wonderful friends here…

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