Let’s Get Political

I was looking at a photo on Facebook this morning. It was an image of Obama standing in the White House next to a small African American schoolgirl. He was writing something to give to her as she stared up at him adoringly. The caption read “When you miss school to see the President, the President makes sure you have a note to explain.”

Not surprisingly, the photo had 461,000 likes and 12,600 comments (probably a lot more by now). Curious, I scrolled through the comments and found an equal number of pro and con-Obama, some of which were downright vicious and vitriolic, spewing anti-Obama, anti-Democrat, anti-liberal hate in wildly varying degrees of literacy.

Even after six years, some Republicans still can’t accept the fact the we have a highly successful and popular African American president. They persist in their sole purpose of defeating and deriding anything the President supports, despite any detriment this causes America.

What a waste of money, effort, and integrity in the name of white supremist ego, ignorance, and racism.

Regarding Obama’s Presidency to date, let’s reckon:

  • Economic disaster inherited from GW Bush – Averted
  • Dow Jones – Just posted a record high of 15,676 after a chilling plunge to 6,763 in 2008 shortly after Obama took office. Remember that day?
  • Needless Iraq war waged because of government lies and power-hungry, trigger-happy Republicans (aka impotent cowboy syndrome) – Ended, troops coming home
  • Osama Bin Laden – Dead, killed by US Military special forces
  • Syrian War – Averted (for now) because of sanity and responsible democracy. (Imagine how different the world might be if such sanity had reigned when Bush decided to shoot ’em up in Iraq?)
  • National Jobless Rate – Down to 7.3% and falling (see USA Today)

All these accomplishments in 5 years, and rabid Republicans still refuse to admit that (thankfully) we have a truly great president on our hands, one who is creating law and policy that will improve our lives for generations to come. I’m baffled that anyone can take such a hateful stance and call themselves an American. Republicans seem to put two things above country: themselves and power. For America and it’s people, they seem to care little. I cringe every time I hear a Republican politician grandstand and pontificate, claiming to know what “the American People” really want.

Note to all politicians: None of you speak for “the American People”: you speak only for yourself and the few constituents you actually hear from. Stop libeling yourself and slandering me.




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