Destination: San Luis Obispo, CA

Jan. 24, 2011

I have decided to take two days to drive up the coast to San Francisco, and take the scenic route on the Pacific Coast Highway. I am in no hurry and this is a great opportunity to see the beautiful California coast.

I slept well and got an early start. I have now been on the road for 7 days. My life has changed a lot in this week and I feel like I am on a new path—the right path.

The drive was long today, longer than it should have been. I made several stops and saw FANTASTIC ocean and mountain vistas. Drove through Malibu and other little beach towns along the PCH. I was surprised to find that Malibu is just a little beach town, in serious danger of being washed into the ocean by rock slides!

This is such a beautiful state. High waves, long beaches, surfers, mountains. I drove through a vineyard and saw the pastoral beauty like Tuscany – streaming afternoon sunlight across acres of neat green rows of grapevines. Stunning.

After 8 hours of driving, I finally arrived at San Luis Obispo, where it turned out to be a very nice business type hotel with a huge open air atrium. I had one glass of free wine at the evening welcoming, which knocked me out at 7:30 pm. But I woke up at 9 pm and couldn’t go back to sleep.

Today, I saw the first road signs for San Francisco – only 256 miles away! What a Thrill! My final destination is in site! Tomorrow, I will get there.

Hotel Review: San Luis Obispo, CA

Beautiful open atrium. This is a business oriented hotel. Free drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and an awesome free hot breakfast. By far the best breakfast, with made to order omelets and everything else you could imagine eating for breakfast – free!

Big comfortable room that was really a suite with two separate rooms. Excellent fitness center and pool although weirdly, they were cleaning early in the morning when people work out. I was the only one trying to work out, though.

But this was the most expensive hotel I stayed at: $156 per night and you had to pay extra for wifi!

Grade: A-

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