Published Works


Contracting vs. Permanent Employment: Paper presented at 1996 Society for Technical Communicators (STC) conference

The Definitions of Persistence of Vision in Film Studies

The Grammar of Film Editing

The Amazing World of Technical Writing: A Guided Tour to Your New Career (out of print)

Short Stories

Junior Misfit – A closeted high school dyke and first-chair trumpeter, has a big problem. Her best friend entered her into the 1979 Junior Miss beauty pageant as a joke but someone took it seriously. Now she has to participate in the pageant while hiding her affair with her college girlfriend and trying not to lose her mind. Can she do it?


Coming to California – Sometimes, running away from home is the best response. Especially when your partner of 16 years cheats on you. At 51-years-old, Crystal decides it’s the perfect time to chase her dream across America and move from the deep South to San Francisco. A better life and a better love are waiting there…

Purpose of Drowning – An Olympic swimmer. A Korean escort. A global diplomat. And the world’s most average woman. Four women’s lives intersect and change everything. You never know when you’re going to see someone who attracts you or even why you feel attracted. This is a story about love and attraction, and the choices we make when they don’t align.

Bored but secure in her long-term relationship, Haley starts going to the gym to get in shape. There she meets Kate, the Aquatic Center director. Now Haley is torn between her commitment to her wife and her desire for Kate. Follow Haley and Kate, as they learn to swim in murky waters without drowning.